Southern Cross Fabworks have been providing customers with Diesel ECU Remapping for years now in our Mechanical workshop. 

Over those years we have been honing and refining our remapping service to be one of the best performing tunes as well as being the safest.


Yes, it’s true, your car’s stock engine can produce more power than
it does now. Then why doesn’t it? The factory de-tuned it to protect it from careless driving neglected maintenance & low-quality fuel. But you’re an automotive enthusiast. You take exceptional care of your car. It’s not fair that you are hindered by conservative factory settings. Until now there hasn’t been an easy way to get to that power. The only options available were to remove the emission system or spend big bucks on aftermarket engine parts.
SCPerformance Tuning is an easy and effective way to unlock that power using software technology. It’s an upgrade to your engine control unit (ECU), the computer managing your engine.

Quality assurance & control.

Everything about the product—all computer programming, emulation data, dynamo-meter results & real-world driving results—are carefully reviewed by senior staff. The product is released for sale only after it has proven to make a worthwhile difference in everyday use, while keeping the engine free of any harm. Every product sold is as good as it can possibly be.

SCPerformance knows its success is dependent on its happy customers and does everything to keep them that way.


Does SCPerformance Tuning care more about fine tuning an engine than the auto manufacturers that build them?              

That’s a good question.

It seems most production cars end-up being a compromise between performance & development costs. This means that there’s often more power left untapped. SCPerformance takes on the task of unlocking this extra power by carefully studying and improving on the fuel mapping software that was originally engineered by the factory. An engine’s fuel management system is only as good as the values in its ignition advance angle (timing) & injector duration (fueling) lookup tables. Before release to the public,the manufacturer usually dumbs down these values to factor-in poor fuel, excessive carbon build-up, poor maintenance, fuel economy mandates, worst-case emissions standards, production tolerances—even poor or abusive driving habits. SCPerformance knows you don’t need this handicap. Through its seven-step development process, SCPerformance unlocks a car’s reserve power and torque. The results are a car where everyday driving is more enjoyable:

  • Smoother low-throttle drivability for city use.
  • Quick throttle response for on-ramp speeds.
  • Brisk high-speed acceleration for overtaking.
Concerned about your car ?

Don’t be. In the tens of thousands of instances where a SCPerformance software upgrade has been installed, not one instance of damage has ever occurred or been in some way attributed to SCPerformance tuning.


Your driving satisfaction is our goal.
SCPerformance's risk-free satisfaction guarantee gives you total peace of mind. SCPerformance is committed to building its reputation one happy customer at a time.



BT-50 (Early Model)
BT50 (Late Model)
PJ/PK Ranger
PX/PX2 Ranger
VW Amarok 4 Cyl and V6
ML/MN/MQ Triton
PB/PC Challenger
Navara D40 / R51 Pathfinder (4cyl and V6)
D-Max (Early Model)
D-Max (Late Model)


05-15 Toyota Hilux
16+ Toyota Hilux
Prado 120/150
converter kits)
79 Series V8
NP300 Navara
 200 Series Landcruiser (extra $200 for gearbox remap to suit lockup 


07 3287 3375



Just a few reviews of SCPerformance

Allan Maki  -  5 Star Review 
"Big thanks to Tom for remapping my Nav 550 this morning the rig pulls harder than ever now. Great customer service and knowledgeable, thanks again mate "
Jason Milky Gee Grant - 5 Star Review
"Had my 2011 TD Territory done. Manta 3" Turbo back exhaust and Stage 2 ECU remap. instant economy gains, and plenty of extra power to boot. Very happy with my car, and the tireless effort of SCP staff. would recommend to everyone!"
Chris McCabe - 5 Star Review
Just had my 2012 hilux d4d remapped and new clutch left with the biggest smile on my face can't fault the guys would recommend them to everyone.
Matt Wright - 5 Star Review
Fitted an upgraded intake pipe this morning to my Rok, very helpful and done super quick. Thanks again  :)